Stars and Horses by Roberto Talignani

The perception of the world around us, our particular truth, is more and more guarded in our inner dialogue, hidden, looking for places where we can be genuinely in relation. A social context apparently devoid of shared references marks our era of transition to what is called postmodernity. Our Liquid Modernity, acutely described by Bauman, is rich in images everywhere, of known archetypal symbols that nevertheless seem to pass without stopping.

Roberto Talignani (Parma 1945), an ancient painter, has studied, for a long time, these concrete forms and simbols, codified in the classicism. At Hotel de la Ville in Parma presents his contemporaries figuration of myths, wings and beauty until February 28th. His classical connections, ranging from ancient Greece to our Renaissance, correspond to an anthropological development: from the representation of the universe in a cosmic order through the tragic Greek myth, to the representation of the world with the center of the Renaissance man, image of the Creator.  Works exhibited to share a thought with the visitor about the shape of the beauty, a moment of reflection, during the journey, for a more authentic stay.

Roberto Talignani

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