Metropole presents the new Met Restaurant & Rose Room by Raptus & Rose

Silvia Bisconti, creative soul of Raptus & Rose, the atelier where fashion is set free in the exaltation of differences, the uniqueness of the narration woven into every creation and the emotive perception of every detail studied with almost obsessive care and created with sartorial art.

Gloria Beggiato, who with the Metropole in Venice has gone beyond the concept of hospitality to make her hotel a place of experiences and a venue for exceptional events in the world of art and fashion.

A meeting between two souls with an inner fire could hardly not generate an explosion of passion, innovation, colours and above all emotions.

The resulting project will involve a mix of fashion with food and cuisine with décor, a continuous and mutual contamination where the Raptus & Rose philosophy will dress the rooms of the Met Restaurant and where in turn the food proposed will reflect the combinations, colours and love for nature of Raptus & Rose fashion.
An uninterrupted synaesthesia of flavours, perfumes and colours, the creative genius of a designer in a setting which becomes the location of unique personal emotions and experiences.

The result is a new cuisine at the Met Restaurant which will change direction and become lightness, nature and femininity, where the protagonists will be delicate flavours linked to the changing seasons. The dishes will always be of rigorously exceptional quality, with particular attention to the raw materials. Gloria Beggiato’s latest project continues a process of excellence in gastronomy, accompanied by Chef Luca Veritti, with the Metropole since 2012 and responsible for winning the restaurant the coveted Michelin star.

At the same time, Silvia Bisconti will give the Met Restaurant a new look. On one hand a rigorously masculine soul, on the other, its exact opposite, a narration of nuances, blending together and mellowing at the centre, with different shades of colour and the softness of fabrics and velvets.

A chromatic process in which even the walls will represent and narrate the stratifications of Venetian time.

The great innovation, the heart of the project of the Metropole and the most evident interface between fashion and food will be the Rose Room by Raptus & Rose, a location with a unique style where the mark of Raptus & Rose will be absolute. A dive into colour, a journey towards the Orient, while looking towards Venice, a welcoming intimate corner where two “divine” creations by Silvia Bisconti will be on display.

Here, and only here, you will be able to enjoy food created ad hoc for this special setting: dishes with a floral style inspired by Silvia Bisconti’s #pastoestetico contest which will become a tangible – or rather, edible – reality in what will be “the house of Raptus & Rose in Venice”.
Thanks to Gloria Beggiato’s creativity and the skills of Chef Luca Veritti, the Rose Room will be a corner where you can enjoy a petite light cuisine, originating from the green of nature and taking nature as its inspiration for the most evocative decorations of the dishes: brightly coloured leaves, flowers and berries to accompany small tasters and a variety of culinary delicacies. A fresh and sophisticated proposal, perfect for an aperitif or a small exclusive party.

Even the date of the event when all this will finally become visible to the invited guests is a coincidence from the Chinese kabbalah.  7.07.2017 at 7 pm will be the moment when the new Met Restaurant & the Rose Room by R&Rwill be unveiled

Guests will be welcomed among R&R fabrics, as though swathed in a shrouded foretaste of the final unveiling, with a dinner which will mark the opening of the new Met Restaurant and the new Rose Room by Raptus & Rose.

During dinner, guests will be able to enjoy an incursion of Raptus&Rose fashion, when women attired for summer with lush flowers, surprising fabrics and infinite shades of pink will move among the tables in a new episode of Fashion Set Free.
The staff will be wearing unique sartorial details created by the skilful hand of Silvia Bisconti, with fabrics belonging to the history of the Metropole’s rooms.  The effect will be of harmonious and carefully-studied visual continuity with this fascinating new environment.

During the event (on 7 and 8 July), the curious and fashion lovers will be able to admire, touch and purchase the Fashion Set Free creations in the Raptus & Rose Pop Up Store created in the Suite degli Angeli at the Metropole, Marta Marzotto’s historic suite, from 10.00 am to

Like the cuisine, the Met Restaurant will also reflect the alternation of seasons, changing the settings designed by R&R, menus, colours, and décors with every new season and creating a specific event conceived to transmit emotions:

October 6th 2017
January 26th 2018
April 6th 2018

The doors will be open to the city and everyone wanting a special experience.

The New at Venice, a wonder to see and delicacies to taste. At the Met Restaurant and in the Rose Room, the chef’s emotion will generate the guests’ emotion, a mirrored sensation giving you the certain knowledge of finally being in the right place.

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