Partnership between OceanSky Cruises company and Les Roches

OceanSky Cruises

Experiential and sustainable luxury airship travel.

OceanSky, the airship company committed to sustainable aviation, announces a partnership with Les Roches, one of Switzerland’s leading luxury hospitality universities. Together they will develop the hospitality operations and service protocols that will define the future of luxury air travel, which will take passengers en route to the geographic North Pole on their first expedition.

This new category of experiential travel offers passengers a level of luxury and adventure straight from the 1930s, when airships cut through the skies. With the plus of sustainability: airships are indeed one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation and produce far fewer carbon emissions than traditional aircraft.

Today’s airships will have a passenger gondola with en-suite cabins, rooftop terrace and all the amenities that characterize luxury hotels. The interior also includes a bar, restaurant, rooftop lounge, yoga areas and a small hall-theater for presentations and meetings.

Les Roches staff are co-developing this project with Oceansky Cruises, bringing their extensive knowledge and experience in luxury hospitality management to provide the highest level of service to passengers. “We are excited to partner with Les Roches to provide a new level of experiential service in the travel industry that has never been seen before. Our mission is to fly and land, for the first time in history, a large airship with 16 passengers plus crew, at the geographic North Pole. This will be an extraordinary achievement that we are honored to pursue”, said Gonzalo Gimeno, Head of Marketing at OceanSky Cruises.

As of 2021, OceanSky Cruises is integrated into SPARK, Les Roches’ Innovation Sphere.
Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO of Les Roches, said: “Throughout our history at Les Roches, we have focused all of our efforts on working to maintain a high quality of hospitality experience towards our customers through innovation and best practices for our students. Through collaboration with innovative projects such as OceanSky Cruises, we challenge ourselves to further develop our holistic nature and work collaboratively to make luxury tourism a reality in unattainable places while promoting the values of sustainability”.

This airship will not only offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, combining luxury, adventure and unparalleled service, but together with Les Roches it will also set a new standard of service in aviation and experiential luxury travel. The collaboration grew out of a focus on sustainability, technology and innovation in hospitality, a relevant aspect that is ingrained in the institution’s DNA.


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