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Claudio Paraschiv tells about a company born from passion for sports.

Lacertosus – an Italian company specializing in the production of professional equipment for Functional Training and Strenght & Condition, was founded in 2007 in Parma, thanks to the idea of its founder, Claudio Paraschiv.

Born in 1985, Claudio was 22 at the time, arriving from nearby Romania with a life-long dream. An athlete from an early age, he has ventured over the years into artistic gymnastics in the “rings” specialty. Thanks to his family, which provided him with a cultural background in sports and the opportunity to travel, Claudio visited Italy for years. Thanks to his initial strength, his hard work and his absolute dedication to the company he arrived where he arrived.

Over time he has treasured all the life experiences, positive and negative, experienced in his home country, developing tenacity, resilience and determination, qualities that are indispensable for challenging modern markets. As an athlete first and as an entrepreneur later, he was able to read the peculiar needs of European markets, which are definitely still immature in the “functional products” sector.

His sporty side pushed him to look for specific products, but he could only find them in the United States. These very needs, combined with a passion for sports, foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, were the essential components that gave birth to Lacertosus.

The history of the company

Since the beginning, the company has been dedicated to creating the highest quality products that can be found on the market for the Functional Training free-body training method and Strenght & Condition athletic training. Nowadays, Lacertosus is an established brand that offers the perfect mix of innovation, functionality and design for sports equipment, developing innovative ideas that can meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding customers, from individuals, businesses, government and military facilities, providing from simple accessories to large setups, and ensuring the value of the Made in Italy around the world.

Specializing in the production of high-quality functional training equipment and accessories for specialized centers, crosstraining BOXES, commercial gyms, Personal Trainers & Individuals, Lacertosus is also an importer of major brands such as Suples Ltd, Concept2, LifeCORE USA, BodySolid USA, Lock-Jaw collars.
Lacertosus was also the first store to introduce training ropes, bumper plates, bulgarian bags (exclusive importer and distributor), clubbells, competition kettlebells, gym rings, sandbags and other innovative training systems to Italy.

Whatever the training requirement, from traditional with basic elements to creating a innovative Hard-Core gymnasium, Lacertosus has everything you need in the way of equipment, years of experience and taylor-made consulting: the result is highly efficient and customizable training services to transform thoughts like “I have to go to the gym” to “I can’t wait to train today”.

Today the Parma-based company has gained a primary role in its sector thanks to absolute quality and performing at its best the balance between design and functionality.

Numerous the company recognitions, such as the Millionaire magazine cover and, in 2020, the prestigious first place of Corriere della Sera newspaper in collaboration with Statista for the competition “The Stars of E-commerce” won as the best e-commerce company in the sports sector.

An all-Italian design

The structures are entirely designed in Italy using above-industry-standard materials and hot-dip galvanized structural hardware. Lacertosus has invested in the safety and durability of its products, including obtaining TUV/SUD certification.

Specializing in crossfit boxes

With more than 500 boxes, the company is a leader in equipping boxes for crossfit. As professionals in the field, and athletes first, Lacertosus teams, with passion for the work and extreme attention from the creation of new equipment to customer care, accompany in the selection of the best facilities: a quick and professional assistance throughout the entire phase of design and planning analysis of the crossfit box, available for giving advice and all the necessary counseling both with regard to the aesthetics and customization of structures and to related services offered.

Every single project is thought till the smallest detail; whether it is a gym, home gym, hotel or medical facility, the quality of Lacertosus design remains unchanged.

Once the structure is purchased, the customer is supported by a manager who will follow all the steps until the assembly, which is always carried out by the Lacertosus team, after inspection of the installation environment of the structure, which also guarantees and provides the declaration of correct installation.

Curiosity: a special service for Army and Law Enforcement

Lacertosus has an operator specialized in outfitting for the Army, Navy, Law Enforcement and municipalities. As experts in creating customized designs according to specific needs, they also offer movable solutions, such as containers or portable training kits. And because training is essential for members of the Army and the Law Enforcement to best perform their tasks, Lacertosus has come up with a dedicated service, which, thanks to the network of professionals in the field at its disposal, organizes training workshops on request at its headquarters in Parma or directly at the commands to which they belong.

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