PRIVATE LABEL, creating luxurious statements

PRIVATE LABEL, a Portuguese new-born company, is the result of the love for design and the passion and need to glorify the art of craftsmanship, highlighting the superb quality of manufacturing furniture and lighting design products that this country has already known in the business.

Despite being young PRIVATE LABEL has more than 300 years of wise knowledge divided per a sextuple group of Portuguese companies of craftsmanship, each has its unique expertise that was carried on for generations. Despite having each its own expert know-how and story, all the mentioned companies have similarities that correlate them, such as an ancient heritage on the manufacturing techniques, the will to create design masterpieces and the desire to become the hottest and best trendsetter in the interior design industry. Nevertheless is the unsatisfying will for accepting new challenges, reinventing themselves in order to keep up with modernity and the latest trends, achieving even more success on a worldwide scale and elevating the manufacturing skills present in every detail of all masterpieces with no exception that unites them.

PRIVATE LABEL is the joint work of companies that found out that working together and enhancing each other and not working entirely separate they are able to generate a powerful, never seen design force characterized by a marvellous luxurious design and a flawless and remarkable quality, culminating into the most exclusive design trends. By bringing together the best Portuguese furniture and lighting manufacturers and grow them into brands as creating a legacy for their ancient techniques, PRIVATE LABEL creates luxurious statements.

Every masterpiece designed by PRIVATE LABEL is the representation of its beliefs and the will to keep challenging creativity barriers, in setting the newest trends and creating a high-end solution for every design style, no matter if you are a classical lover, always up for a big sumptuous style or modern enthusiastic, by preferring clean sober lines.

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PRIVATE LABEL has already unveiled five of its exclusive brands, the sumptuous Soberanna, the nature-inspired Pardo, the marble expert Marmoria, the lighting artistic Fara and the metal skilled Gold Castle. Each one is defined by its own voice and most of all style. Still, the design journey of this company is far away from ending since the firm is already preparing more brands with unique features to partner up with existing ones, although always having the noblest materials and creative designs very present in each brand.

PRIVATE LABEL is the place where the wisest craftsmen see their crafted knowledge recognized by the most demanding experts in the entire world, such as renowned architects and interior designers who expect nothing less than perfection. For these specialists, but also to all design lovers, PRIVATE LABEL is committed to continually keeping introducing original and unique masterpieces in order to be their prime trendsetter reference in the design world of the luxurious high-end projects.

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