The journey of Zerosettanta Studio starts in Tuscany. The A/W Collection 2015/2016

Marsala, pomegranate, but also coriander, thyme, liquorice: not only flavours, and aromas, but emotions and colours which underpin the Italian taste and culture.

The journey of Zerosettanta Studio to the new capitals of luxury starts in Tuscany, the homeland of the historic company Landi, but also the allegorical vision of Italian character in which to find all of the traditions accompanied by the new trends, the new cultural influences, the new way to “savoir-vivre”.

The result is a collection which is based on three themes: Country Walking, Carpet Walking, City Walking.


Country Walking. A walk through the Crete Senesi.

Nothing more than a fabric of millennial tradition like casentino, with its unique rustic style, can be better suited to dress the true connoisseur.  Double-breasted coat with clean lines, but also quilted, in solid colour nylon, with a colour palette which ranges from black and blue, to leaf green, to warm colours. The masculine imperative for this season is indeed the attention to an item which is more structured than the classic fit, embellished with patches of casentino, overlapped in shades and inserted on the shoulders.

The gilet also continues to be a must for this season, offered in a vast range of colours and fabrics, to create combinations which are always original.


Carpet Walking. From carpets of luxury cars to carpets of large hotels.

The luxury section of Zerosettanta Studio jackets and coats is inspired by a secure and stealthy step. A sophisticated elegance, made of stylish fabrics, of glossy-black velvet, modernized by the extravagant and exclusive effects of alligator skin and shearling collars.


City walking. On the grey tarmac of cities.

Moving in the city, juggling meetings on the top floor of skyscrapers, business lunches, events and aperitifs in the coolest clubs. The city man is identified in a car coat with many pockets, made of practical waterproof fabrics, quilted, pinstripe and solid colour, in classic midnight blue, grey or in warmer shades of beige and marsala, decorated with inserts and woollen collars, lightly padded jackets enhanced by tartan linings and motif neckwear, in cashmere blend garbadine fabrics.

Maison Valentina, ideas for a contemporary salle de bain
Fabio Luisi to conduct the Orchestra of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala

Fabio Luisi to conduct the Orchestra of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala

From 27 to 30 October, Fabio Luisi will conduct the Orchestra of the Accademia

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