The Magazine and Beyond

Excellence, an «Art de vivre».

With the recent restyling of the paper Magazine, which we presented to you last year, our renewal process has begun, which aims to offer increasingly refined and usable communication tools.

Excellence Magazine, published quarterly, represents our idea of “lifestyle”.

A lifestyle understood as a set of fashions and cultural models of reference, treated through columns and insights, exchange of opinions and interactions with the environment, with art, with entertainment, with good food… in summary, the art of living well.

In recent days, our renewal process has focused on the online magazine which has been completely reshaped in order to allow more intuitive navigation, offering more captivating graphics to enhance daily user experience.

It is the tool that keeps us in touch with you every day, offering you our point of view on what is happening in the world.

Alongside these editorial media, the organization of our events continues, designed to create an important networking activity between our partners and encourage the development of personal and business relationships.

All of this represents the world of Excellence, a world in constant movement and growth, contemporary while remaining attentive to traditions.

Continue to follow us and discover other important initiatives that we will present to you soon!

Eberhard & Co. presents Scafograf 300 MCMLIX with green dial and bezel

Eberhard & Co. presents Scafograf 300 MCMLIX with green dial and bezel

Green is establishing itself more and more as a new black in fashion trends

Masone labyrinth reopens to the public

Masone labyrinth reopens to the public

Franco Maria Ricci’s Masone Labyrinth has reopened

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