The light of the Swiss Alps on the Senate art collections

libro tiziana ferrari

Presented the book “L’arte nelle istituzioni” by Tiziana Ferrari.

Tiziana Ferrari ‘s book “L’arte nelle istituzioni”,  published by Skira, was presented on August 13th at the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz, 2,000 meters above sea level in the Swiss Alps where light – metaphorically – carried the author’s message.

Three authorities from the art world arose the prestige of the event: art director Mirella Carbone, antiquarian and president of the Friends of Brera Carlo Orsi, and researcher and scholar Marino Viganò. Among the audience many cultural figures, like Raffaella and Fabrizio Rossini, lawyer Gian Giacomo Attolico Trivulzio and antiquarian Ruggero Longari.

The main theme of the essay is the enhancement and creation of a scientific archive of the works of art that have come to the Senate buildings from the late 19th century to the present day. With an autobiographical and narrative trait – indeed, Tiziana Ferrari was a pioneer of such a project – she recounts a working method that led to an increase in the value of the entire collection by tens of millions.

Among the most sensational discoveries unearthed through research and cataloging are the two large paintings by Francesco Solimena, recognized by Nicola Spinosa, who together with Antonio Paolucci and Rossella Vodret accompanied the author’s work in the Senate.

The author was the first curator of artworks at the Presidency of the Italian Senate. Her message is precise and is aimed at the protection of the artistic heritage: enhancement has brought out and brought to light absolute masterpieces. The book, which is of great historical and scientific interest, is intended to be helpful in pointing out critical issues in the bureaucratic apparatus and, at the same time, to serve as a resource rich in scientific guidance for anyone who wants to know the mechanisms behind the ancient walls of the Senate buildings.

In the artist’s words: “The first presentation was made at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan last March, followed by the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz on August 13th. My goal is to give the book maximum visibility, so that we can evolve the proceeds to the Dino Ferrari Research Center for Neuromuscular and Neurodegenerative Diseases. In the future plans I would like to present it in Rome and Lugano as well“.

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