Feeric Fashion Week: the fashion of the future

Feeric Fashion Week
Università di Zagabria

Feeric Hub is the springboard for students from all over the world.

After 14 years in which Feeric Fashion Week hosted the world’s most creative emerging and established designers in Sibiu, Transylvania, the festival has taken a step toward greater sustainability and with a projection toward future international fashion talent.

Fast fashion has fundamentally changed the face of this industry; therefore, it is crucial to focus on the training given to students in fashion institutes around the world.

Synergy by Promenada
University of Fashion Ukraine

Of the more than 200 universities contacted by the organization as part of the Feeric Hub project, more than 30 have responded favorably since the first edition, and present this year are universities from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans,Central Asia and North Africa.

Balkan University

Always to encourage sustainability in the fashion world, Feeric Fashion Week is the first fashion week in the world to join the initiative #FurFree started by Humane Society International: more than 1.7 million people have signed the petition, submitted to the European Commission, to challenge the ban on fur farms in Europe; world-renowned brands have joined this movement: Prada, Furla, Versace, Gucci etc.

Feeric Fashion Week kicked off the first day with individual fashion presentations within the Feeric Hub-a program that aims to revitalize the importance of fashion education by providing students from around the world with a platform to launch themselves into global fashion.

Ana Farîma
Ana Farîma

Ana Farîma opened with the collection “Metamorphosis”, which revolves around the concept of human transformation; Camelia Ienciu, from the Faculty of Arts in Oradea, presented pieces from a collection inspired by the famous architectural work of Ricardo Bofill and Muralla Roja; the last presentation was a group show of students from the New Bulgarian University.

Camelia Ienciu

On the outdoor stairs of the Promenada Mall, students from the Faculty of Arts and Design of Timișoara Western University presented a collection that addressed various themes: from the psychological and emotional necessity of belonging, to the importance of choices, to female power and vulnerability.

University of Krakow
Hooldra and Alexandru Fediuc of Iași University of the Arts.

The second day featured students from the University of Krakow and International Balkan University, Hooldra and Alexandru Fediuc from the University of the Arts in Iași. The centerpiece of the day was the equestrian presentation, where thoroughbred horses crossed paths with pieces from the collection made by the Cluj Napoca University of Arts and Design.

Cluj Napoca University of Arts and Design
Cluj Napoca University of Arts and Design

On the last day of the fashion shows, UNARTE Bucharest students presented the largest collective collection, of 40 pieces, in the geometric setting of the Boromir factory.

Georgia Chioni
Athens Fashion Club

Like every year, the Feeric Gala opened the curtain on Feeric Fashion Week. Huet Square hosted collections designed by Georgia Chioni of Athens Fashion Club, Kimono & Me, La blouse Roumaine, Bujra Al Hajar and students from the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb and the Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Chisinau.

Kimono & Me
Chisinau Academy of Music and Fine Arts

Feeric Fashion Week
is an event organized by the Mitichi Foundation and co-financed by Sibiu Municipality. Main partners: Ford Sibiu and Promenada Sibiu.


Valentino Odorico

The light of the Swiss Alps on the Senate art collections
libro tiziana ferrari

The light of the Swiss Alps on the Senate art collections

Presented the book “L’arte nelle istituzioni” by Tiziana

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SPA-Hideaway Cape of Senses, luxury spa on Lake Garda

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