Vitti Lugano, a modern story that draws inspiration from the past

Vitti Lugano

An exclusive and evocative location entirely focused on hospitality.

Vitti Lugano, an elegant restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of the city, fascinates with an exclusive atmosphere and attention to details, distinguishing itself for a warm welcome made up of kind gestures and attention to the little details that satisfy the guest with that quid that goes beyond the excellence of its services.

Veronica and Angelo Vitti have an innate aptitude for hospitality: the two Roman guys, although very young, have continued the family tradition since 1898, when the historic pastry/ice-cream parlor was inaugurated in Rome. Over time, the family decided to embark on the restaurant business, achieving growing success up to the iconic restaurant in San Lorenzo in Lucina, very close to the central Via del Corso. Today the name Vitti immediately refers to the Roman gastronomic culture and to the flavors of the simplest and most genuine tradition.

Veronica and Angelo showed curiosity and passion for that world from an early age and, when the opportunity arose, they took up the challenge and gave shape to the project that gave life to Vitti Lugano 9 years ago.

The smile, calm and kindness distinguish all the staff of Vitti Lugano, a truly special and unique location thanks to the relaxing imprint that enhances and distinguishes a location with a modern and refined design, played on dark tones as opposed to lighting with a strong character, but with a soft impact.

In the Vitti Lugano kitchen, chef Mauro Ranieri who, thanks to a full immersion in the restaurant in Rome, learns the techniques and secrets of the cuisine of the best Roman tradition without giving up a touch of respectful innovation.
Do not miss the Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe creamed with PDO Roman pecorino and coarsely ground pepper and the Spaghetti alla Carbonara: the chef prepares them according to ancient recipes that have been handed down for generations, using pecorino and cheek lard that arrive fresh, weekly, from Rome.

from left: Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Also the “from outside the region” proposals meet the expectations, such as Tagliolini with cuttlefish ink and Tuna Tataki with Gazpacho. To enhance the dishes there’s a cellar with a vast selection of the best Italian, French and Swiss labels.

from left: Tagliolini with cuttlefish ink, Tuna Tataki with Gazpacho

Vitti Lugano also makes the moment of the aperitif and after dinner unique with a drink list with almost 70 proposals signed by the mixologist Emanuele Callegher, who combines and mixes the most modern methods of processing products (smoking, flavouring, airs and velvets) with perfumes, oils, spices, essences and flowers. So we have the Gin Tonic with the addition of basil, sage and pepper, the revisited Rum-based Negroni with a sprinkling of dark chocolate and cocoa liqueur or the original PornStar Martini, served with shots of Franciacorta and garnished with cotton candy.
And then tastings, themed dinners, live music, DJ sets.

from left: Gin Tonic, Negroni, PornStar Martini

Vitti Lugano is a location to definitely keep in mind for intimate and romantic evenings, dinners with friends, exclusive events, anniversaries or simply to sip a relaxing drink.

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