“Volere … Volare” – the exhibition by Giorgio Pulselli at Ca’ Sagredo

In Venice, in the first floor room of Ca’ Sagredo, will be hosted for three weeks, from 4 to 27 October, the papier-mâché exhibition by Giorgio Pulselli, open to the public every day from 10 to 19.

Giorgio Pulselli is a multifaceted artist viterbese, student in the 50s of the sculpture school of Domenico Mastroianni and the painter from Viterbo Fortunato Del Tavano. The exhibition Volere… Volare includes a series of monochromatic sculptures of paper mache that tackle the dreamy theme of flight, understood as a dream, a vision, a desire, a longing.

Giorgio Pulselli‘s art is instinctive, the result of the combination of an extemporaneous technique and an ephemeral material. The papier-mâché sculptures are made with the hands of the skilled craftsman and together with the frenetic emotionality of the inspired artist; they are fluid, dynamic, suspended in the air, made of atmosphere. To use the words of the art historian Luciano Marziano, “a pattern of movements, attitudes, garrulous smile, all crossed by an impertinent irony that never shatters in the satirical“.

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To occupy the fifth of a light and dreamy exhibition, the twist of the “Affori Band“, a composition of over thirty colorful characters that drags the visitor into the festive world of the band, jumping from the ethereal white of the first series in a disruptive mood, vibrant with colors. The paper-mats exposed to Ca’ Sagredo, with elegant aesthetics and intense emotion, are a wise vehicle of imagination for those who have the curiosity to stop and look at them.

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