Communication, Networking and Sales.

Next month, Beyond.Luxury will be launched, a market place dedicated to the needs and passions of companies and individuals, offering luxury products and services.

An innovative B2B and B2C hub that offers a wide range of exclusive goods and services through the use of an integrated communication platform that makes use of various tools: digital platform, e-shop, events, targeted marketing, digital and paper magazine , as well as a business model that will give people and companies the opportunity to increase their business by enhancing the wealth of relationships built up during their activity.

In the era of digitization and information, there was no tool that would allow the enhancement and maximization of relational capital.

With this type of platform, unique in its kind, each participant will therefore have the opportunity to capitalize on the value of their relationships, transforming them into a real asset with the relative economic returns. Participants are represented by commercial entities, private individuals and Business Ambassadors who in turn can be both individuals and companies.

But how it will be possible for companies and individuals to become part of our network, and therefore of our platform, and why all this can be automatically transformed into added value for all participants, we will only reveal it to you later.

In this phase we wanted to privilege the partners and companies that have accompanied us, during these years of great satisfaction, in a path that has allowed our magazine to develop and enjoy the international consensus that we can benefit from today and that has granted us the possibility of launching this new project phase.

In the future, the platform will be open to new partners and companies that make excellence their mission.

More than ten years have now passed since the launch of the magazine which marked the start of the phase linked to the creation of a communication tool. Subsequently we built the relational part, with hundreds of events that we organized in most parts of the world (mainly in Europe). Now we are ready to launch the last phase, related to the sale to bring wealth and customers to the companies that work with us.

Communication, Networking and Sales: the winning formula of Beyond.Luxury.

Eberhard & co. Pays homage to Tazio Nuvolari

Eberhard & co. Pays homage to Tazio Nuvolari

A new chronograph for the 130th anniversary of the birth

Excellence Award at the Venice Carnival

Excellence Award at the Venice Carnival

The Baglioni Luna Hotel hosted the XXI edition of the event

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