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CLUBHOUSE Brera has been presented today: it’s the brand new project by Copernico Where Things Happen, a platform that provides a network of places where people can work, grow, develop ideas and entrepreneurial skills. Excellence Magazine always close to the excellence, is proud to be Clubhouse Brera Media Partner.Clubhouse Brera has opened one years ago in the heart of Milan, where the renowned theatre Teatro delle Erbe used to be.

Clubhouse Brera

A membership club designed for business, networking and knowledge enrichment. An innovative working space dedicated to modern workers – entrepreneurs, professionals, decision makers and C-Levels, both Italian and international. Access to the Clubhouse membership Club will be granted to 500 high profile members (250 men and 250 women) from different industries: finance, design, real estate, food; with a strong focus on the world of fashion, culture and the arts. Clubhouse will also be the first Italian club open to women entrepreneurs.

Excellence MagazineLounge Brera

Clubhouse Brera positions itself as a selective space for the organization of meetings, the development of professional relationships and the creation of new business synergies. It will also be the site of inspirational events and insights into the world of arts and culture, a place where members can share their knowledge through meetings concerning the state of the arts in business and other areas of interest for company development.

Club Brera House

“Clubhouse Brera was born from the massive change in the job market and the way you do business: today, organizations are fluid, people work on the move, anywhere – at home, in hotel lobbies, on the train. Working is getting more and more casual: you can do business at a table, eating food, having coffee or a drink” said Pietro Martani, CEO of Copernico Where Things Happen.

“Clubhouse is a special place, a source of inspiration and an ideal space for those who want a sophisticated environment, where they can be themselves at their best towards their professional counterparts.”

Clubhouse Brera

The Club is located inside the historical building that has housed the Teatro delle Erbe until a decade ago, before being converted into workspace. The project, undertaken by Laura Stecich architecture studio, has inherited the theatre’s genius loci and revives the atmosphere of a very prosperous and culturally lively period in the history of Milan. The lines and the atmosphere of the early Twentieth century are reinterpreted in a highly contemporary style, starting from art deco references in the design of the bar and furniture. These interact with the preserved historical elements and with the Milan design icons of the 1940s and 1950s.

Clubhouse Brera Excellence Magazine

The overall concept meets the international taste, and clearly conveys the feeling of the so-called Italian way of living. The mix of materials and nuances, as well as the cosy, faceted, and only seemingly arbitrary configurations create soft and refined scenarios, which are deliberately understated and generate moods that suite every business or personal need.

Excellence per Brera Clubhouse

A sober and essential atmosphere has also been recreated in the Club’s “secret garden”, which consists of a large patio that gives natural light to the whole structure, making every area of the Club an ideal space for work. Special office suites, complete with chaise-longue and bathroom with shower, offer the opportunity to switch between work and relax. The stage, the heart of every theatre, will also be available for the use of the international speakers who will participate in the life of the Club.

lounge brera

Clubhouse Brera will also be one of the reference sites of the Design Week and the Fuorisalone, as it is perfectly situated into the Brera Design District. From April 12th to 17th, it will turn into a Club dedicated to design, where professionals, designers and opinion makers will meet, network, relax, work, use the Club’s open wi-fi connection or have a coffee break at any time they want.


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