Conference “Luino, 350 years of tourism history”

Luca Sartori al Convegno Luino

Tourism spatial development and redevelopment in Alto Verbano.

The enhancement of the lake territory of the Lombard shore of the Lake Maggiore focuses on those of its cultural-historical roots that can enhance its Genius of Place: every user of the conference “Luino, 350 years of tourism history”. which was held on Saturday, October 21st, 2023, was able, in the first session, to visit a pavilion of the former Ratti Area, (Ratti is still a brand with a very important economic spin-off). The best inspiration for realizing tourism spatial redevelopment in Alto Verbano.

The initiative enjoyed the patronage of the Lombardy Region, in collaboration with the University of Genoa – Center of the Sea and with the organizational support of the Friends of Sempiterne Cultural Association chaired by journalist Simona Fontana Contini. Other important entities are involved in the initiative: the Rotary Club of Laveno Luino Alto Verbano, the Lions Club of Luino, the Pro Loco of Luino, the Festival of Theater and Comedy, the Friends of the Lyceum, Idrovolo, Airgarda, 12 Sports Club, and Aeromodeling. The Italian Tourist Press Group in turn partners with the likes of Cerinotti, Hotel Internazionale in Luino, Hotel del Sole in Porto Valtravaglia, and Cantina Bottenago.

Luca Sartorio, jurist and entrepreneur, presented by journalist Simona Fontana Contini of the cultural association Le Sempiterne, is applying his expertise gained in prestigious international circles to accomplish what the Professor Roberto Radice of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart called “The Flight of the Soul”: born in Luino, Sartorio of Grand Luino is believing in a challenge that could mutate the disused areas of the Lombardy coast into an excellence in hospitality and attractiveness.

Its work is based on different steps with synergies and collaborations with all over the world: in fact, streaming links in English, the Emirates and U.S.A., as well as, clearly Europe and Africa. In attendance, a number of international personalities, precisely because the focus is also on relations with the neighboring Swiss Confederation, creating tourist flows in concert with Piedmont and Switzerland via air with Agno Airport and Malpensa Airport, and via water, through the Locarno-Milan-Venice Waterway. In this regard, of key importance was the intervention of Idrovolo assisted by drones that flew over the waters showing the beauty of our lake in real time. This initiative especially enthused the boys and girls from the educational institutions who were able to attend important summary sessions of the conference during the morning. Also at the meeting were John Gandolfi of Excellence Luxury Magazine and Silvano Marco Corradi of Monte Carlo Times.

The meeting took on a two fold significance: first, to present and analyze the tools available to stakeholders to develop the area; and second, a time to discuss the legal aspects to be analyzed to perfect public-private relations.

As Lombardy Region Governor Attilio Fontana pointed out in an initial video presentation, it will be crucial to make use of “best practices” to enhance planning.In this regard, Professor Alberto Grando, of Bocconi University, brought the experience of the redevelopments in progress followed by AREXPO, of which he is president.

This thesis was corroborated by the speeches of the Honorable Andrea Pellicini, former mayor of the lake town, who is very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of Alto Verbano, and that of MEP Isabella Tovaglieri.

Assertiveness and experience that led to the table at Palazzo Verbania the University of Genoa, Centro del Mare, with the Professor Ivan Zignego and the Professor Alessandro Bertellotti, whose contributions emphasized developing competencies with the nautical sector: the link with Liguria, after all, was also confirmed by culture, thanks to the intervention of Marco Silvano Corradi, a journalist with the Monte Carlo Times, who explained the importance of Piero Chiara both in Luino, the city where he was born, and in San Remo, the city that awarded him the honor of Friend of Sanremo, a title reserved for a few notable personalities. Sanremo native also Alessandro Bertellotti, CSR journalist, who presented the impact of major events on territories in the session dedicated to culture. Also present were La Prealpina newspaper editor Silvestro Pascarella and historical scholar Federico Crimi.

The Festival of Theater and Comedy at the end of the day offered a private musical moment with the famous group “Alter Echo,” which originated on the prestigious stages of Pooh’s long Opera Seconda tour, with whose group they are touring these days. The quartet has toured Italy with great artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Sting, Mario Biondi, Giovanni Allevi, Francesco Renga, Massimo Ranieri, guests of honor for events with Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Bulgari, Porsche. The group decided to offer a classical chamber ensemble par excellence in the service of pop music, becoming a crossover landmark in the Italian scene.

Luca Sartorio then introduced the final, more technical and legal section in which he outlined strengths and weaknesses of public-private consultation, a real “alchemy” that can lead to effective territorial leadership and supply.

Giving continuity to these events means making citizens and all stakeholders part of the ‘LAKE MAGGIORE 2030’ tourism development program that our Grand Luino society has been promoting for some time and no longer alone“, Sartorio closes.

In particular, the two already scheduled conferences will illustrate both the work carried out in Luino in the former Ratti area, the collaboration with Arexpo spa, and the results of the research entrusted to the University of Genoa – Center of the Sea and IULM.

The first, with particular reference to the project – considered a priority – to complete the New Port of Luino, which will be the subject of a project financing proposal to the Basin Authority and the Region; and the second, regarding studies to make Luino a tourist destination again, as it was at the beginning of the last century.

Since the LAKE MAGGIORE 2030 program covers the entire Lombard shore (called Area 17 in the Regional Spatial Plan), special emphasis will be placed on related investments and projects of public interest. From Sesto Calende to Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca. In short, the intervention in the former Ratti area of Luino is only one piece and in some ways not even the most important one.

The guest of honor at the May 2024 conference will be Professor Tommaso Greco of the University of Pisa with a lecture on “The Law of Trust.” For the October 2024 edition, Professor Gianfrancesco Fidone of Luiss is scheduled to speak with a paper entitled “The Commons for All.”

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