Digital Healthcare Evolution: presented at the Samsung Arena JProper W7

Presented during the “Digital Healthcare Evolution” event at the Samsung Arena in Milan, JProper W7 is an innovative system for managing departmental micro-logistics and ensure the accurate distribution of drugs. A project born from the collaboration between, Infocert, and Samsung, with the strategic coordination of The Hub.
Laura Mazza

Prescription and certain administration of the drug? Here is JProperW7 precise, simple, punctual, secure and privacy system

Incorrect prescriptions and transcriptions, inaccuracies in the preparation, distribution and administration of drugs. Every year in Italy about 65 thousand errors in the execution of medical therapies are voluntarily reported. Over 7 every hour.

Presented during the “Digital Healthcare Evolution” event at the Samsung Arena in Milan, JProper W7 is an innovative system for managing departmental micro-logistics and ensure the accurate distribution of drugs. A project born from the collaboration between, Infocert, and Samsung, with the strategic coordination of The Hub.

Some of the major Italian experts involved in the digital transformation of the health sector spoke during the Milan presentation, including: Gianmarco Senna, President of the Productive Activities Commission of the Lombardy Region; Antonio Tomassini, President of the Parliamentary and Legislative Association for Health and Prevention; Claudio Pasqualucci, ICE Senior Manager, Agency for the Promotion and the Internationalization of Italian Companies; Alessandro Pecora, CNR Technology Transfer office and Mister member; Maurizio Pimpinella, President of the Payment Services Providers Association; Emilio Bertani, robotic surgery expert at the European Oncological Institute; Silvano Martina, General Manager of the Golgi Redaelli Nursing Home; Sonia Beretti, Risk Management at the Brescia Public Hospital; Ranieri Limonta, Pharmacist and member of the Scientific Committee of the National Federation of Health and Welfare.

According to a Eurostat study based on current medical and technological knowledge, in 2015, one in three deaths in Europe could have been avoided. Another study (Guchelaar et al., 2003), estimates that the percentage of prescription errors accounts for between 12% and 20% of the total medical errors. In the US alone, prescription errors cause over 140,000 deaths each year and represent the largest expense.

These data show the importance of having a safe and reliable drug distribution system. The JProperW7 system manages the whole cycle, from the prescription to the administration of the drug, eliminating these risks, and provides the maximum possible security in terms of data management, legal validity and traceability of every single phase of the process.

JProperW7 is a project realized with the collaboration of Blu-it, which created a web and cloud environment thanks to the InfoCert prescription and administration software, which in turn integrated features like digital signature, substitutive filing with certified legal validity, and Spid Digital Identitification for operators. The Hub coordinated and provided the most appropriate skills to improve the strategic development of the entire project; while Samsung Knox has created the devices (both tablet and wearable ones) and the platform to ensure maximum data protection.

As reported by several technicians who participated to the event, identifying administrative errors is extremely difficult, because they are only noticed if and when adverse events occur. Hence the need for a system that manages and guarantees the correct administration of drugs.

Laura Mazza – CEO of The Hub Company, Secretary-General of UNIMPRESA and strategic creator of the project – underlined that “innovation and change often arise from different visions that meet in order to generate answers to complex issues thanks to well-integrated skills, as the JProperw7 project demonstrates “.

“Here at Samsung we are working on developing new technologies and on expanding the functions of devices already on the market – said Antonio Bosio, Product & Solution Director of Samsung Italy – The goal is to provide products and solutions that are relevant and accessible to our customers. Within this context, and also thanks to the collaboration with selected partners such as BluIT, TheHub and InfoCert, IT Consumerization enables scenarios that, until very recently, weren’t even imaginable. The economy of scale and the reliability of our consumer products are the basis thanks to which, with Samsung Knox, we can obtain an adequate level of customization and security in order to use our devices in very specific contexts, such as the health sector “.

According to Sonia Beretti – Risk Management of the Brescia Public Hospitals Association “It is extremely difficult to identify prescription errors, because they often emerge only when adverse events occur, which is why a system that manages and certifies the whole therapeutic process, aiming at guaranteeing safety and reducing errors, is needed”.

The Jproper W7 system aims at responding precisely to these needs. Claudio Corti, CEO of, noted that the “advantages of JproperW7 are manifold: drastic reduction of clinical risk, which today is caused by frequent errors in prescribing and administering drugs; optimization of treatment times; standardized and traceable processes; all of which means greater therapeutic efficacy and waste reduction due to a more efficient control and management of drugs “.

The protection of patient data, entrusted to an innovative certification system, is key.

“With the remote signature service – guarantees Romano Maria Menicacci (head of alliance development, InfoCert security certification) – it is not necessary to have a smart card reader or a USB stick in order to  digitally sign documents, as the software allows you to do so with a simple click. In addition, digital preservation, in accordance with the current laws, makes it possible to organize and preserve the information and documental wealth of many healthcare structures that manage an ever-increasing quantity of precious and often sensitive data, ranging from patient care to relations with suppliers “.

The JproperW7 project is part of a scenario that already sees the Italian pharmaceutical and healthcare sector as a successful player abroad.

Claudio Pasqualucci, Senior Manager Ice – Agency for the promotion and the internationalization of Italian companies, has stressed that the pharmaceutical industry is one of Italy’s most successful sectors and, like the national health system, it is widely known internationally. In this context, an international player such as Samsung finds the optimal ecosystem to develop new technological products to offer both companies and private individuals an ever better service.

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