The essence of an extraordinary brand

Present on the maket since 1926, Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty represents a true benchmark in the real estate landscape in ticino and offers an unique access to the most prestigious properties in Ticino and all around the world.

FONTANA-SOTHEBYS-04It was a great night, with a large presence of guests, the party launched by Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty to celebrate together to its customers and to the other professionals, the first syllabus “Selection 2014 – To those who value the unique”. In the amazing landscape of Ticino, for more than 88 years, the essence of this historical agency, is “to skillfully intermediate amazing houses with amazing views” regardless the origin of the purchaser, the kind of house and the available budget. Buying a house is an emotional moment and probably the most important in the life; an unique experience in every range price. Through its first catalogue, Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty wants to emotionate, thanks to a selection of beautiful houses in the Lugano and Locarno area, from the luxury villa with breathtaking view, to the pied-à-terre in the downtown. Tradition, competence and reliability are always the values which make unique Fontana, and which are now shared with the famous Auction House Sotheby’s, which Fontana signed a partnership with. The agreement is based on the rich and glorious heritage, the refinement of the brand.

FONTANA-SOTHEBYS-05The mix of unique and exclusive marketing strategies allows to improve the market perception of the offer and, through an international network of more than 700 offices in 52 countries, assures a global awareness which is oriented on a target of influencers. Interest, discretion, experience and sophistication well represent the personality of the professionals at Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty: a close-knit and motivated team that stands for the deep knowledge of the local market and of its dynamics, as well for the use of the most modern techniques to promote a property globally. The talent of Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty is just to chose the most effective “window” in order to attract prestigious customers everywhere in the world, to meet each needs and to identify the best housing solution which satisfies their lifestyle. The present is global, but Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty wants to be also local.

Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty

Via G. Luvini 4

6900 Lugano, CH – Svizzera

Tel. +41 91 911 97 20 –


History of a craftsmanship, mind and passion for sea

History of a craftsmanship, mind and passion for sea

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The manager who brings the Italian wine in the world

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