Milan stage of the international jewelry festival

Milano Jewelry Week

The third MJW ended with an increase in attendance.

The third edition of Milano Jewelry Week – a week sponsored by the City of Milan and C.N.A. Federmoda – has come to an end, with more than 100 events spread throughout the streets of downtown Milan from October 17th to 22nd.
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There were many new features introduced for this latest edition, which saw an increase in the number of visitors and garnered great interest from industry experts, especially buyers and press officers, from home and abroad.

We are very happy with the excellent response from the visitors who took part in this event spread throughout the Milan area. Our idea was to bring people closer to the industry and allow everyone to find out what is behind a piece of jewelry. Goal achieved thanks to the involvement not only of experts in the world of jewelry but also of many fans who in the various events were able to admire up close the beauty of the various creations on display.” – this is the comment of Enzo Carbone, CEO of Prodes Italia, the founding company of Milano Jewelry Week.

Over 350 exhibitors from 40 different countries were welcomed to prestigious locations located in the heart of Milan, where the three iconic collective events of Milano Jewelry Week took place from October 19th to 22nd, in addition to special events, themed exhibitions, workshops, live performances, talks, lectures and cocktail parties.

Milan Jewelry Week 2023, the events

A Talent Show was held at the Galdus School, featuring international schools and academies, bringing the jewelry of their young talents on display
The Jewelry HUB, the exclusive and innovative event held at La Pelota, highlighted niche brands that showcased and presented their new collections.
Finally, Artistar Jewels, now in its ninth edition, enriched Palazzo Bovara with a group exhibition dedicated to artistic jewelry that included the display of more than 220 artists from all over the world and a special area dedicated to the masterpieces of three unquestionable guests: Alessio Boschi, Alex Wong and Wallis Hong.

At Palazzo Bovara, the Vernissage of Artistar Jewels was also held on October 19th. Artists, journalists and various guests were welcomed inside the evocative halls of the palace for an entire evening dedicated to contemplating the wonderful jewels on display while tasting a glass of Spumante Brut Borgofulvia.

Animating the evening was a live performance by artist Rossano Ferrari, who presented the pictorial work Mosaic Jem and the fashion show of the designer Gianni Tolentino and Massinissa Askeur, great symbolist at the international level, both Golden Lion winners at the Venice Film Festival, embellished with some of the jewelry on display that the models wore while the host of Star Z N TV, Stefania Conti, interviewed the artists present at the Vernissage.

Milan Jewelry Week Awarding Night

During the Milan Jewelry Week Awarding Night on Oct. 18th at the San Babila Theater, the names of the MJW Awards, the prestigious prizes awarded by a select jury of experts to participating exhibitors at the Week, were announced.

Massimo Perini, Commercial Director of Cantine 4 Valli, presented the Borgofulvia Award, offered by the event’s wine sponsor, to artist Zuo Na. The Best Exclusive Jewelry Designer award, given by Muriel Piaser – Founder of PRECIOUS ROOM by MP tradeshow & Muriel Piaser Consulting, was won by Crismann Christian Nasr. Lupo Gioielli ‘s work seemed interesting to Guido Solari, Founder and owner of the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana and Director of the 26 Via Tortona location, who awarded it the Best in Technique award.

Winning the Bryna Pomp Award, presented by Bryna Pomp, Director, MAD About Jewelry was artist Austin Turley, while Laura Inghirami, Opinion Leader of the Jewelry World and Founder Donna Jewel, selected Incarnem by Marine Billet as the winner of the Best in Creativity award.

Liviani Jewelers was awarded the Best Antique Jewelry prize by A.N.T.I.C.O. Villa Milano, on the other hand, won the Best in Milano award, selected by AOL – Associazione Orafa Lombarda.

The Best Innovative Design award, given by HRD Antwerp, was won by Nicola Bacchilega with his brand DEFAIENCE. Finally, ACJ – The Association for Contemporary Jewellery, decreed as the winner of the Best in Contemporary Jewellery award, artist Inbar Avneri.

Special prizes were reserved for the participants of the Artistar Jewels exhibition. As many as three awards were won by Artistar Jewels exhibitors Sergey Izmestiev, Spinelli Gioielli and Wenyin Jiang. In fact, a jury composed of Alessio Boschi, Bryna Pomp, Guido Solari and Muriel Piaser selected their exhibited creations as the best.

The Assamblage Award, given by Assamblage National Contemporary Jewelry Association, on the other hand, was won by BP_Barbara Proverbio, Celine Poudroux Creation and Madjoi Jewels.

Finally, the kermesse’s international partner galleries selected projects to be included within their exhibitions. In particular, Carlo Lucidi Gallery chose to award Arro by Nana Watanabe, Lamia Saab Design by Lamia Saab Amundsen, Phaniac by Stefania Curreli, Hanjie Kong, Austin Turley, Daria Lutskevich and Wenyin Jiang.

Elena Orlova’s Acqua, Jaehee Jung’s Garden of Wind, Hanna Kaufman, Michele White and Susy Smither’s The Rock Hound are the artists selected by Eleni Marneri Gallery, while Galeria Alice Floriano has chosen artists Inbar Avneri, Wenyin Jiang, Anastasiia Slanko and Anli Hou.

Frangipani Stúdió & Gallery wanted to award BP_Barbara Proverbio, Angelica Krieg and Paradise Feathers by Andrezza Valentin. SECOND PETALE Gallery has selected Nicola Bacchilega’s Defaience and Susy Smither’s The Rock Hound for a collaboration. Finally, Galleri Sebastian Schildt decreed Inbar Avneri and Julie Martre as winners.


A special evening of recognition that preceded the opening of the group exhibitions and allowed the more than 350 exhibitors attending Milan Jewelry Week to meet and compare notes while increasing and celebrating the beauty of this area, but also doing networking between realities from different territories and cultures, who made the city of Milan their meeting point for the entire week.

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