Scented horoscope: perfumes for the sign of Scorpio

Scorpione Oroscopo Profumi

Aromatic and full-bodied perfumes enhanced by sweet and intense notes.

Those born in Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22), a water sign along with Cancer and Pisces, fight for what they believe in, are passionate, outgoing, sunny and very independent. For them, endowed with natural sensuality, lovers of good food and intense and sometimes extreme tastes, this selection of aromatic and full-bodied fragrances, enriched by the sweet and intense notes of cocoa and tonka bean, is perfect.

Constellation Scorpio

An acrobatic intergalactic journey represented by Tiziana Terenzi‘s extraordinary fragrance Chiron , through the persuasive wonders of vanilla notes, both in berries and in flowers, embraced by the stimulating and seductive scents of the finest tobaccos, from the “blond” and aromatic leaf. The creation opens with a persuasive burst of Haitian Vanilla Flowers, emphasized by the aphrodisiac power of musk and tonka bean.

The main star of the Scorpio constellation is Antares, or a red supergiant that is masterfully represented by the fragrance of the same name created by Sofia Bardelli for In Astra Fragranze. A red glow lights up the sky before flaring up. On the sunset avenue, the fiery heart reveals its splendor for the last time, a narcotic cloud emanates from this explosion of white flowers: an opulent fragrance, with a sparkling accent of pink pepper, reveals the amber and woody foundation of Antares, harbinger of the solstice where the night grows shorter.

Calabrian bergamot, a citrus fruit characteristic of the sign of Scorpio, Sicilian citrus and hand-picked lavender flowers are expertly combined in this sophisticated blend, housed inside the precious black velvet bottle. Nero70 is the exclusive creation that best represents this sign, created by Xerjoff for Campomarzio70, created to celebrate the strong partnership and great friendship that has united the two companies for more than 15 years. Everything revolves around Neroli, the true hero of the composition. Between history and legend Nero 70 is in fact inspired by this ingredient named after the Princess of Nerola, famous for introducing the use of this essential oil to European courts. Amber, musk and vanilla from the Bourbon Islands embrace the entire composition, an unmistakable signature of the Xerjoff style.

Scorpio is associated with secrecy, mystery and even the occult. Those born under this sign are distinguished by their mysteriousness, enigmatic nature, charm and hidden emotionality. They are also very receptive people and boast intuitive abilities. These characteristics are found in the spectacular Cierge de Lune fragrance by Aedes de Venustas where Madagascar vanilla absolute makes up the heart of the eau de parfum with a leathery undertone. A whiff of hedione transforms this delight into a cactus flower; ylang-ylang lends body to its pristine petals. To illuminate this velvety accord, the sparkle of pink pepper releases its moonbeams. In addition, black pepper makes this accord vibrate with its mineral effects that evoke incense in the head and its smoky, resinous base.

Complementing the fragrances worn by the Scorpio is Byron Parfums’ Black Dragon, a true nectar of power designed exclusively for personalities as fiery in character as those of the Scorpio. The fragrance extract dedicated to the true devotees of scenting, those who have the power to bewitch. A deceptively wise start, interspersed with honey for sweetness and a combination of pineapple and mango. Black Dragon then unfurls a fiery heart of bourbon vanilla and sandalwood; in the final act, the notes come together and take on their full meaning thanks to a base of patchouli, amber, and musk that give limitless density to this bewildering and irresistible fragrance.


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