Paolo Morel’s open letter to all Ticino entrepreneurs

Paolo Morel lettera imprenditori ticinesi

National Council candidate, ready to commit at the forefront.

Dear entrepreneurs, we are all aware of the challenges we face every day and the courage it takes to do business in Ticino today. I dare to call myself an entrepreneur because, creating a business trust in 2009 from nothing, was and is not easy.

Paul Morel letter Ticino entrepreneurs
Paolo Morel
  • State interventionism with its hyper-normative bureaucratic apparatus at the federal and cantonal levels constrains economic freedom and creates a complicated business climate.
  • The market is often portrayed as unfair, profit as theft and entrepreneurs as exploiters.

Despite these clichés, often used by those who have never taken on or experienced business difficulties or by those who have never taken personal wealth risks:

  • we entrepreneurs continued to work with passion and a sense of responsibility;
  • we have faced economic crises, technological changes, international market instability and the pandemic, demonstrating exceptional resilience;
  • we invested and risked our own;
  • we have not only secured but also created new jobs and contributed to the prosperity of the canton and the country.

Digitization and innovation have been key elements in maintaining the competitiveness of our enterprises.

Businesses that are mainly family companies and make up more than 60% of local businesses. Even in the highly unpredictable environment of the past 3 years, the business community has shown that it believes in the future. Our companies invest more in innovation and research than the Swiss average, reflecting a determination to enhance the area and promote its economic and social development.

However, as entrepreneurs, we cannot do everything on our own.

  • We need an enabling environment and economic policies based on hard data, not ideological preconceptions.
  • Job creation and economic growth depend on the work of businesses, and their success benefits the entire community.

Yes, because jobs are not created by law; businesses create them if they are put in a position to do so.

Your work and your voice are crucial in defining the future of our canton and our country.

I ask all Ticino entrepreneurs, “Are you with me?”

I am here, and I am ready to work to improve the framework conditions and opportunities for doing business. If you will allow me I would do it from the National Council but for this to become possible I need your support, your vote.

With esteem.

Paolo Morel
National No. 7 candidate
15 FDP List

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