Puglia Paradise: luxury hospitality in the heart of Puglia

Puglia Paradise

The prestigious collection of villas and trulli has expanded.

Amidst Puglia’s booming tourism landscape, with sustained interest from guests, international tour operators, and extra-hotel institutions, Puglia Paradise emerges as the epitome of luxury in the region, ensuring quality standards and 5-star services for discerning guests.

Luxury villa of Puglia Paradise
Villa Margareta

Today, in the heart of Puglia’s Itria Valley, eight new villas and trulli have been added to Puglia Paradise’s portfolio, totaling 26 meticulously selected properties renowned for their distinctive charm. Design, quality, guest centric focus, sustainability and social responsibility form the bedrock of Puglia Paradise’s hospitality vision. The portfolio is composed of villas and trulli equipped with large external spaces with private pools, spectacular gardens and enchanting views, splendid interiors designed by renewed designers and a 5-stars premium lifestyle conciergerie service in complete privacy and exclusivity thanks to the Guest Angels® figure.

These new additions have significantly expanded accommodation, increasing the available rooms by 50% with 32 rooms for 64 guests, – more than the already existing 120 rooms – catering to the growing demand from both national and international multigenerational travelers who choose Puglia Paradise. The vertically integrated Operations allows to answer with professionalism, proactivity, and customization to the demand of always more exclusive travelers in search of privacy and tailored services.

Luxury trullo of Puglia Paradise
Masseria Bensistà

In pursuit of improving guests experiences by customizing their stay, Puglia Paradise has recently elevated for 2024 its services and the offered experiences to the guests by gathering them on a web app. Thanks to the assistance of the dedicated Guest Angel – a real hospitality tailor – and a large catalogue of services and experiences, each guest can customize their vacations based on their own desires and interests.

Committed to sustainable growth and promoting quality tourism, Puglia Paradise collaborates with villa and trulli landlords who share its hospitality vision. The goal is to keep generating value for partners’ annual returns and properties value growth, whilst contributing to the local community’s professionalism.

trullo's outdoor pool
Trullo Ermes

To support landlords, Puglia Paradise has developed the “Owners Resource Hub”, an essential guidance and practical advice to optimize rental performances and maintain excellence in service delivery, accessible and visible on the official website. This hub allows owners to access information, with a carefully curated selection of about 50 articles that examine each aspect of properties in the villa: from managing rental market dynamics to positioning the villa in a highly competitive rental market like the Puglia’s one.

Owners Resource Hub is a project tailored to provide comprehensive insights and practical advice in order to optimize the rental performances, establish a strong market presence for the villa and all the nuances to maintain a service of excellence in line with the sophisticated expectations of guests.

Luxury trullo
Trullo Ad Caelum

Puglia Paradise embodies a new era of hospitality in Puglia, offering luxury hotel services and promising guests unforgettable and carefree vacations, while enabling villa and trulli landlords to maximize their real estate investments and passive incomes. Through competence and professionalism, Puglia Paradise sets the standard for luxury and 5-star hospitality in Puglia.

Luxury trullo in Puglia
Trullo Atena
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