Reopening of the Café de Paris in Monaco

“Change everything so that nothing changes”.

After 19 months of work, the legendary brasserie on Place du Casino opens its doors. Pleasant observation: the original spirit of Café de Paris is still omnipresent. First steps at the heart of the Monegasque institution.

Faithful to its creator François Blanc who wanted to “change everything so that nothing changes”, the renovation of the Café de Paris is spectacular. The old building was completely destroyed to make way for elegant architecture imbued with the so-Monte Carlo spirit developed over 155 years by its owners.

Ancient Café de Paris
Ancient Café de Paris

When Charles III called on François Blanc to create what would become Monte Carlo, the concept was simple and at the same time particularly daring in this small, isolated Principality devoid of any resources.

The idea of ​​the resort has just been born, literally resort means a place frequented for rest and leisure. For leisure, the casino and the opera were built, and for rest the Hôtel de Paris and the Café de Paris. The arrival of the train, the climate and communication will contribute to the success that we are experiencing, and which remains, still today, the fundamentals of Monte Carlo.

Terrace of the Café de Paris

The renovation of the Café de Paris finalizes the work undertaken at the Hôtel de Paris and the creation of One Monte-Carlo. All that will remain is the opening next April of a new Brazilian-Peruvian restaurant, Amazonico, on the roof which will put an end to this vast project started in 2015.

The Café de Paris, an unmissable event

It is one of those rare places where Monegasque residents, wealthy Casino players, stars between two concerts, tennis tournaments or Formula 1 races, crowned heads or simple tourists rub shoulders. It must be said that the show is permanent. The incessant ballet of the most beautiful cars in the world is followed by exits from the casino or the Hôtel de Paris. But the Café de Paris is not only “the place to be”, it is also a table. Chef Victor Marion works on it every day. So he offers a “brasserie” menu revisited to Monte Carlo standards. The egg mayonnaise is enhanced with caviar (€35) and the piece of beef is a 500 gr Angus T-bone (€89). However, the taste signatures of the place remain: Charolais beef tartare (€33), AAAAA andouillette (€39) or even Café de Paris-style veal liver (€42).

Chef Victor Marion

Thursday, November 23rd, 2023, the princely couple inaugurated the establishment “so that the legend continues” as Stéfane Valéri, General Director of Monte-Carlo SBM, liked to say.

Monte Carlo has not finished making people dream. Then meet all those who want to be part of the legend, whether in lowercase or in capitals.

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene

Jean-François Gourdon 

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