Roberto Giovannini shares his vision of a new luxury in day living

The beauty of the forms inspired by past epochs reveals new and extraordinary possibilities for interior design. For Roberto Giovannini, the exhibition space at the Crocus Expo in Moscow confirms itself as an important occasion for continuing the presentation of the Prestige collection and the furnishings which, over time, have become veritable icons of style and elegance: luxurious classics born from the passion for the fine and sophisticated art of woodcarving.
Tuscan artisan traditions and the particular importance paid to the smallest details, combined with craftsmanship expertise and technology, make Roberto Giovannini’s products unique, while new inspirations and constant research transform them into classic furnishings of extraordinary elegance and sophistication; furnishings perfect for the most cutting edge décor inspired by the authentic and extraordinary sumptuousness typical of the noble residences of times past. And so, splendour and magnificence affirm themselves as playing the leading role in the ‘ideal’ living spaces on the stage in Moscow: a living-room space, a dining room and a night time area express the concept of beauty in interior decoration according to Roberto Giovannini’s philosophy and style. All the living spaces radiate a relaxing atmosphere; here, everything is designed to gratify the senses and the needs of your guests, proposing sensations of absolute comfort and wellbeing. Enlightened interpretations of a classic faithful to the criteria of the past, recreated through the meticulous selection of previously unimagined combinations, precious finishings and the finest fabrics thus permit the creation of unique and special living spaces, rich in charm and emotions. The furniture, the furnishing accessories, the objects and the lighting appliances by Roberto Giovannini are today icons of luxury interpreted with unique Italian taste.

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The Living room
The fine De’ Medici living room expresses immediate sensations of ease and wellbeing, every detail being carefully defined, gratifying the sight and the senses. Roberto Giovannini suggests a new way of experiencing living spaces, where luxury embraces the quest for comfort, enabling the enjoyment of daily life with harmony and ease. At centre stage in the living room there is the set in Tuscan style Louis XV, consisting of a large sofa and armchairs with carved bases enhanced by Oro Decapé Antico (Antique Gold Decapé) finishing. The sofa may be personalised in its finishings and upholstery; it is adaptable to any type of décor and can, in fact, be made in two, three or even four seated versions according to the size of the space where it is located. The upholstery of the sofa and the lounge armchair is realised in Jim Thompson silk velvet, enriched with the finest custom made marabù, defining the edges, tone on tone in the exquisite fabric. Completing the relaxation area, there is the small, round, finely engraved sofa side-table with marble top and the distinctive French inspired coffee table an authentic expression of the Neoclassical style of the late 1700s, better known as ‘Regency’, with structure decorated in Oro Decapè Antico (Antique Gold Decapé) and top in Estremoz marble. Illuminating the living room, there is the impressive 15-light chandelier with Bianco Fiorentino (White Florentine) decoration, while the standard lamps (art.896) with their feminine and curved forms, light up the reading corners. Wall mirrors, accessories and console tables contribute to enhancing and completing the De’ Medici living room.
To make the living area even more welcoming, Roberto Giovannini proposes the sumptuous bergère armchair (art. 1009) with stool (art. 1010), with their classic contours but modern day allure evoked by the Jim Thompson fabric with its optical design and in-vogue Noir (Black) decorations. The Neoclassical style ‘fireplace’ (art.1297) completely finished in silver leaf completes the living room décor, transmitting sensations of pleasing warmth. This is really a decorative frame, a precious accessory which Roberto Giovannini has created for embellishing hearth-places or for being placed in rooms without a fireplace corner, as a purely ornamental element for decorating a wall and evoking the effect of a real fireplace. Here, it is presented with an elegant matching mirror with antique-style finishings.
And so, with Roberto Giovannini, the ‘classic’ enters into modern day living spaces: unusual and surprising forms thanks especially to the possibility of personalisation and the ability to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic requirements without ever neglecting the concept of functionality.

The Dining Room
Roberto Giovannini conceives elegance and functionality combined in an expression of conviviality. The dining area is composed of refined furnishings with captivating contrasts of forms and styles, capable of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Inspired by the most eloquent examples of Italian and European traditions, Roberto Giovannini recreates within his exhibition area the atmosphere of the most beautiful and refined living spaces. Dictating the style of the dining room area, the impressive Venetian dining table (art.1341) which is able to comfortably seat up to eight diners. The structure, finely engraved with motifs characteristic of the Venetian 1700s, is enhanced by the Argento Leggero (Light Silver) finish, while the top is realised in Rovere Sbiancato (bleached Oak). To complete, the French chairs and small armchairs with Argento Pitti (Silver Pitti) decoration and upholstered in striped velvet. The space also gives centre stage to an elegant furnishing accessory, as decorative as it is functional: the display cabinet in French Louis XV style, composed of two glass doors and three spacious shelves in crystal, realised in Bianco Fiorentino ( White Florentine) finishing.

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The Master bedroom
With his furniture, Roberto Giovannini reinterprets the ultimate living space dedicated to moments of rest and relaxation, transforming it into an area full of emotions, of romantic and fairy tale charm. The colours chosen for personalising the furnishing accessories and the bedroom are ivory, pure and full of light, light blue, more intense and relaxing and gold in its most sophisticated hues. In the leading role, one of the icons of Roberto Giovannini’s production, the Athena headboard, realised in perfect Neoclassical style and revisited here in the precious Oro Leggero (Light Gold) finish, while the whole of the bed is enhanced by the finest Rubelli fabrics. The set of bedside cabinets and chest of drawers, again in Neoclassical style are, however, distinguished by the refined Ciliegio e Oro (Cherry and Gold) finish, a decoration which also enhances the dressing table with trinket drawers, enriched by a swing mirror concealing a small compartment. Completing the bedroom, together with the wall mirrors and the lampshades, there is the capitonnè Stool upholstered in soft, light blue velvet and the impressive Neoclassical armchair in light blue Rubelli cannettè, enhanced by the Luxury Bianco Fiorentino (Luxury White Florentine) finish, an exclusive Roberto Giovannini decoration offering a particularly antiqued aspect, with profiles in silver leaf. All that is needed for peaceful relaxation: these furnishings to evoke a ‘dreamlike’ atmosphere in the soft tranquillity of an intimate setting.

All the furniture, the furnishings and accessories on show in Moscow exalt the craftsmanship and the savoir-faire which distinguish Roberto Giovannini’s collections, always realised in perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation. In each of his projects, Roberto Giovannini defines new concepts for interior design dedicated to luxury and to an always exquisite and refined aesthetic sensibility; the result of harmonious contaminations between styles, forms, finishings and materials. Roberto Giovannini creates furnishings unmistakably classic in spirit but which enchant and ‘amaze’, revealing a modern day charm.

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