WallPepper®: Artistic paintings on the wall


In contemporary living, surfaces take on a new aesthetic and functional value. The Wallpapers created by wallpepper®/group stir up emotions and turn the walls into Democratic works of art for everyone. There is a trend, in interior decoration, that has made a successful comeback: covering walls and surfaces. Even though the term “wallpaper”, such a staple of the 70s, can sound obsolete, the walls of the environments where we live – whether we’re talking about homes, offices or public places – have now been turned into the latest narrative space. It is in such a context that WallPepper®/Group has become one of the most prolific storytellers. Its wallpapers are capable of evoking emotions by drawing on a huge imaginary world inspired by art, nature, and graphics, customizing any space with high-quality solutions, in compliance with all safety standards. WallPepper®/Group represents an authentic expression of Italian aesthetic culture and “Made in Italy” with premium technical requirements, which uses only natural, eco-compatible, PVC-free materials. Walls and surfaces take on new meanings and bring new atmospheres and perspectives to any environment, optical and material illusions paired with fantasy and poetry. Its range of solutions is characterized by unlimited eclecticism, with many expressive and practical possibilities to stimulate the creativity of architects, interior designers and end customers alike. WallPepper® products are much more than a decorative system, they are the perfect tools to stir up emotions and bring large images to the surface, turning them into democratic works of art, accessible to everyone. One of the pioneers in this sector, WallPepper®/Group has infinite imaginary power – its products are found everywhere, from private homes to workplaces, hotels such as the Leon d’Oro in Verona, and in the large halls and interiors of the Costa cruise ship Costa Smeralda. The latter allowed them to obtain, after passing some of the strictest fire protection standards in the world, the IMO/MED certification for naval decoration. The group was also chosen, thanks to the sound-absorbing characteristics of the WP / Acoustic system, for the realization of the ambitious and prestigious architectural project of the conference hall of the UN headquarters in Geneva. Every space can be customized and made unique by covering its surfaces in art; choosing a WallPepper® product means covering a wall with a bespoke masterpiece, on a highly performing ecological material. The images seem to come out of the “canvas” to coverthe entire space, freeing the imagination of both the designer and the viewer. The brand is based on the idea of using walls as a canvas to express our personal taste and aims at interpreting trends and interior decorations in a completely new way, with graphics and designs inspired, in turn, by nature, by urban environments, and by organic or abstract textures. The wide range of graphic proposals is perfect for enhancing any space and for transforming any surface, both horizontal and vertical, into a unique storytelling opportunity. WallPepper®/Group holds a whole world in a thin roll of paper: two- or three-dimensional, natural or artificial, imaginary or timeless, and always sustainable. Indeed, each product uses only certified and eco-friendly materials, crucial characteristics for the company and for everyone’s future. For the company’s designers, nature is more than just one of the most-loved sources of inspiration: it is an intrinsic value that is found in any product and any collection, in an incessant search for beauty, emotions, new visual stimuli and innovative, sustainable solutions. www.wallpepper.it

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