Scented horoscope: fragrances for the sign of Virgo

Profum Vergine

Seduction and charm enhanced by earthy, talc and floral notes.

Virgo is an Earth sign, ruled by Mercury. The main traits of people born under this sign are rationality, touchiness, methodicalness and analysis. However, these are concrete, reliable people with a strong sense of duty and self-esteem. The ancient Greeks associated the constellation Virgo with Demeter, the great earth goddess, protector of fertility and goddess of the Eleusinian Mysteries, and Persephone, the virgin daughter of Demeter.

Constellation horoscope Virgo

Our olfactory journey begins with a potpourri of earthy notes and fine spices, with Matin a Mogador by Botanicae. It almost feels like being catapulted into the picturesque Moroccan town on the Atlantic coast and hearing the voices of merchants who, after dark, wait for fishermen returning from a day of fishing at sea. Balanced oriental spices, nutmeg and vanilla over violet that sweetens the composition accompanied by citrus notes. Violet, caraway, frankincense, bergamot and orange, a woody heart of cedarwood, rose, nutmeg and iris, enclosed by patchouli and vetiver.

The route continues with a fragrant trail that takes us to Paris. By limousine we arrive at Les Bains, leaving a very strong trail of the heady 1992 Purple Night perfume by Les Bains Guerbois, an iconic Parisian brand. Tuberose, tonka bean, patchouli and amber. Spa Les Bains Guerbois, founded by François Auguste Guerbois in 1885, soon became the Parisian temple of beauty and wellness, where great artists such as Manet, Monet, Zola, Proust and Renoir met. Renamed Les Bains Douches, in 1978 it was transformed into one of the world’s most celebrated nightclubs, and in 2015 this place full of charm underwent another change, becoming a prestigious 5-star hotel.

Nuit Charnelle by Jupilò takes us to Rome, to the Eternal City, a fragrance that is a tale of the mesmerizing and seductive tuberose, a flower dear to those of the Virgin. The jasmine carried by the wind, the green notes of the centuries-old plants, the pomegranate refreshing the air, and even the sea notes coming from the horizon fade away at the sight. Woman, cloaked in transgression and sin, is the most powerful lure of instinct. A strong, firm, manly embrace ignites the fire of overwhelming passion. It will remain, of that night, an olfactory memory of animalic and hypnotic notes that, on the finish, become gently warm.

Virgo’s lucky flower is the tuberose, which in the language of flowers symbolizes purity and sincerity, two qualities that this sign does not lack. Iris is also a flower that suits this sign: the Beyond the Wall fragrance by Gritti Venezia represents the curiosity to go further, to overcome, to make a mark. Luca Gritti, the nose of this celebrated perfume, superimposes the warm, comforting character of the Middle Eastern style over the clear, fine notes of European perfumery: milk and cardamom, iris and golden powder of spices.

An intriguing note of iris creates the enveloping illusion of a powdery heart: the floral opening of Betelgeuse by In Astra Fragranze, a new niche fragrance brand created by renowned nose Sofia Bardelli, anticipates a charismatic base of oak moss and coffee. Low on the horizon the immense light of the sky appears elusive. Its red star still warms the universe before disappearing from our sight. Betelgeuse shines persuasively surrounded by cool colors, comforting those who savor the beauty of its being by protecting the constellation Virgo.


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