Scented horoscope: perfumes for the sign of Capricorn

oroscopo profumo capricorno

Smoky, incensed notes enhanced by cardamom and sandalwood.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, ruled by Saturn. A constellation of the zodiac, it is the smallest and is located between Sagittarius and Aquarius in the relative southern hemisphere. Capricorn is the only zodiac animal that does not exist in reality. People born under this sign have remarkable tenacity and ambition, thanks to which they can achieve their goals successfully. Prudence, patience, reflection and self-control also belong to Capricorn. Members of this sign also display a certain introversion and reserve and are marked by an often obvious pessimism and closure, which leads them to be often cold and distrustful of others. Perfumes perfect for those born under this sign are characterized primarily by smoky, incensed notes enhanced by cardamom and sandalwood.

capricorn perfume

Concentrated to 30 percent, Gris Charnel Extrait by BDK Parfums maintains the original personality with lively notes of cardamom, black tea, fig with fruity and green accents. A new creation, richer and more multifaceted. Deep, woody notes of patchouli blend with notes of sandalwood and tonka bean. A gourmand trail of vanilla, amber and smoky softness. The Maison BDK Parfums was created by David Benedek in 2016. Developed as an olfactory library, Maison BDK Parfums imagines contemporary, urban creations that pay homage to the héritage of French perfumery. The creative studio of BDK Parfums’ signature fragrances is located in the Palais Royal district in Paris.

Hangover Meditation is an interesting part-molecular creation from the house of Emil Élise. The scent is fresh, citrusy and woody. Musk dominates, bringing a youthful expression with sweet accents. Hangover Meditation has the scent of light, clear sea air, with notes of fruit and sweetness. Emil Élise is an original niche brand specializing in luxurious unisex perfumes. Brash, atmospheric, strong and anything but ordinary, Emil Élise creates youthful, modern, fresh and casual fragrances for women and men who choose to face life with courage. Inspired by the motto “Unlike Anyone,” Emil Élise’s fragrances are a clear invitation to evolve freely, not to subordinate oneself to social norms, and to walk their own path head-on.

Tigre d’Eau 22.1 by Pierre Guillaume Paris Parfumeur, the olfactory allegory of a white tiger lying on fresh grass. The pungent freshness of coconut water infused with grapefruit zest and pink pepper is answered by the silky, enveloping warmth of a fougère heart enlivened by a touch of chlorophyll and salted caramel. A rushing, sinuous and pungent water inspired by the symbolism of the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. Sensitive and intuitive, Tigre d’Eau knows how to retract her claws and move with flexibility and wisdom.

An enigmatic fragrance, in Olfactive Studio ‘s Ombre Indigo the blend of woods and smoked resins reveals the opulent luminosity of tuberose intertwined with a saffron that melts into swirls of papyrus, incense and benzoin. A deep, seductive, blazing trail. Olfactive Studio takes the form of an encounter between photography and artistic perfumery. The brand was launched in Paris in September 2011, depicting a universe of fragrances designed like angels: genderless, but with a soul, appealing to an audience with a strong and distinctive personality, and is owned by Céline Verleure, a passionate French perfume creator. A smoky and voluptuous fragrance, Ombre Indigo is the scent of shadow.

Citrus, rose absolute, geranium, saffron, leather notes combined with oud accords, patchouli, are the main notes for Adhara Oud by Cherigan. This elegant fragrance is endowed with a powerful and sweet spiritual sensuality, in which rose absolute and geranium seal the character of this woody floral enriched by citrus in essential oils, deep notes of oud and patchouli fade into a fantastic leather accord. Oud is called kyara in Japan and has always belonged to the olfactory heritage of the archipelago. It is an element of the Kodo ceremony, a ritual that invites us to “listen” to incense. The oud has also been known in the West and the Middle East for many centuries.

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