Scented horoscope: perfumes for the sign of Sagittarius

Flowers, spices and opulent notes encapsulate the essence of Dolce Vita.

Sagittarius is a constellation of the zodiac, commonly depicted as a centaur, a mythological creature, half animal and half man, that stretches a bow and arrow.


The arrow (sagitta, in Latin), pointing skyward, indicates the destination toward which this solar phase is ferrying us. One of the characteristics of Sagittarius is its innate curiosity. Last among the fire signs, those born under the sign of Sagittarius, or with the Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius, just like others for example Leo, show a lively, sociable, expansive character.

Monstrous or prodigious, Stephane Humbert Lucas‘ fragrance God of Fire touches with precision, caresses and then strikes with lightning. Must we, too, caress this smooth, satiny skin, sewn together by a blind weaver to whom we will all, sooner or later, come for a royal gown? He knows the cocktail, he knows its vivid beauty, its ginger and pink pepper are the darts of the blowgun. He feels his reflection in the glass he offers, the soul in the body of an impeccable dandy.

603 by Bon Parfumeur, fresh and intense with woody and animal notes characteristic of Sagittarius. A fragrance with a dark and intense opening, at once spicy and floral. Incense makes its way in, bringing a breath of freshness and mystery. The trail of leather and tonka absolute in the base lends a sensual dimension. Mylène Alran, creator of the perfume says, “I love frankincense, its mysterious and mystical scent. In this creation I wanted to create an intoxicating leather and tonka with the freshness of frankincense that fascinates me”.

The vibrancy and freshness of the sign is encapsulated in Purpose, eau de parfum by Amouage, which overwhelms with sparkling notes of spicy bergamot. A delicate rose creates new harmonies between notes of papyrus and sandalwood. As saffron and suede are revealed under a luminous, mystical haze, a spiritual and dreamlike awakening. Purpose is a perfume from the Odyssey collection. Amouage’s bottles, hand-finished one by one by local artisans, are small works of art. The Amouage brand was founded in 1983 at the behest of the Sultan of Oman, who wished to offer his guests precious scented mementos “The Gift of Kings”: the gift of the gods.

Travel is a peculiarity of the sign of Sagittarius. Tiziana Terenzi ‘s new fragrance Rivèa , dedicated to a trip to Portofino, captures the essence of this enchanted place, a journey to beauty, art and tradition. The name Rivèa is inspired by the term “Rive,” which in Ligurian dialect means “waterfront” or “promenade.” All who hear Rivèa will be transported to an atmosphere dedicated to the Dolce Vita and the greatest beauties of Italy. The fragrance opens with a bouquet of Bulgarian roses emphasized by Iranian saffron and sorrento lemon on a bed of Indian davana. The generous head sits atop an equally rich and seductive heart: vetiver provides an earthy, woody base, while Tigullio seaweed adds a saline undertone reminiscent of the smell of the ocean.

A well-crafted sweet, fruity and leathery scent, combining the sweetness of cotton candy, the fruitiness of raspberry and the velvety richness of leather, is encapsulated in North by Stellar Scents. A brand created by perfume lovers who have traveled extensively, who wanted to capture the olfactory memories of their journey in a perfume bottle. The Compass Collection is the result of a journey taken to different directions around the world, capturing those travel experiences, the scents along the way, and all the adventures that come from exploring new worlds. The references as one can imagine are South, North, East and West.

Domenico Moramarco

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